Water Analysis and Monitoring Equipment

Water analysis equipments including digital and analog types of meters, titrimetric type, calorimetric type test kits and others for the measurement of parameters such as : pH, TDS, Conductivity, resistivity, Alkalinity, Total Hardness, Chloride, Chlorine, Iron, Nitrite, Nitrate, Silica, Sulphite, Phosphate, COD, BOD, Dissolved Oxygen and others.

We are supply to following water analysis and monitoring test kits, equipment and services for the boiler, cooling water, raw water, industrial process water and wastewater and others as belows :-

  • Third party lab analysis on monthly effluent
  • Third party lab analysis on stake monitoring.
  • Eutech equipments
  • HACH test kits and equipments, USA
  • Kyoritsu Test packs, Japan
  • Lab glassware
  • Myron equipments
  • Palintest test kits and others